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and Ka-Tet

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This community is for the constant reader of Stephen King. My hypothesis (to which I welcome challenge, debate and discussion), is that The Dark Tower, along with the greater body of SK's work, is in fact the story of his personal quest for greater spiritual understanding of himself, life, the universe (and the number 42?! :]). It is my firm belief that the warp and weft of this rich tapestry holds truths for us, SK's constant readers. It is my purpose and intent to write a concordance of SK's work as it is relevent to The Dark Tower and my hypothesis, and to explore the many connections between not only his various works, but to the myriad references to music, poetry, literature, history, art and simply....life. I'd like to include sections of discussion and critique in the final published work.
I realize that this is an humongous task, and I would appreciate your help, fellow constant reader in plumbing the depths of these myseries.
All and any posts, comments, dialogue and discussion within this LJ Community shall become the property of myself, for this purpose.
Credit and appreciation will of course be given at publication to all contributors.

So, constant reader, come closer...I've lighted some candles (talk such as ours will be best suited to candle light, I think) and take my hand. We'll start here, in this quiet room, but who knows where our journey together will lead us. Come. Stand. Be true.