Bytor (lord_bytor45) wrote in heartofaboy,

TDT Poem

I was online the other day. And i saw this poem. It is most definately about The Dark Tower. I think it's pretty good. Let me know what you guys think of it. It seems to capture aspects of the story really well.

Ascend my place
Rise to the hidden
Searched and hunted
Reaching the top

Dreary and weary
I lie to rest
Yet the singing still comes form my chest
To the top I’ve come
My world kneeling before me

Grasping the power
As I race up the tower
The singing rings from the flowers

Springing forward
Coming close to the end of your world

A new place
A tragic face
A misery I can never forget

Brothers sisters
My son

Blood be shed
Tears do flow
Across the desert he fled

In the snow
Searing winds
Utter despair

Seeing the city
Sitting there
Knowing the breaking was near

The breaking did come
And in the end
It threatens my soul

Onward forward
Deep in dark despair
Thinking one thought only
When I get there

A candle went out
Darkness swirled around
Wishing for a burn
If only one could learn

Once more
To the top
Peace once there

Gan save my kinsman
Time flows freely now
What madness is this

Back to the bottom
Pushed to death
But lo something worse

Back across the desert he treks
Throat parched
IN search of my goal
In the tower must I be

Find him I will
It is my destiny
Fixing the world

Time after time
The world has passed me by
When am I know
Where have I been

Come comrades we will reach the end
And the day shall be bright
Never more shall we need to fight

Come my fellows
My brother and sisters in arms
To the Tower we shall go

With no recollection of the past woes
Try and try
Through kan ka no rey

Meet the artist
. . .Susan. . .
The great writer

Hoping for a time
To lay down the iron
And dream with all of you

What’s this ascend I do
To the top
Scream your names I do

To the top of the tower
To right the wrongs
Not stopping
Time won’t pass me by

Wait what’s this
Where am I
When have I gone

Find the man in black
As he traces is way across the earth
Ka willing
I’ll reach my tower

Just as sure as I claimed Algood’s horn
To the tower I go
One day I’ll reach it
And one time
Everything will be fine
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