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Hi! I'm new here~
I'm from germany...and I'm nineteen years old (lol)
As I was 14 I read "The Gunslinger", which is called "Schwarz" (black) here in germany.
At that time "Drawing of three" ("Drei" - three) and "Wastelands" ("tot." - dead) had been published already, so I could read all three consecutive.
I did not realize that "Wizard and glass" ("Glas" - glass) already had been published in 1999 (<= lol again), but when I was in the library in 2003 my boyfriend found the book - I was so surprised! He could not understand my hysteria; now he's reading "Drawing of the three" and is in love with Midworld, too.
2 or 3 weeks ago I finished "The dark Tower" ("Der Turm" - the tower)...and all I have to say is: "WOW".
I cried while reading it (stupid? I don't think so) and first I was not satisfied with the end. But now I started to read the first books again - it's very interesting after 5 years; also because the new editions of Dark Tower I - IV have been corrected in 2003.
So this was my (very interesting *cough*) story about my experiences with Rolands story.

And here's a link to a strange comic (dunno if anyone posted it before; if so: SORRY)

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